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CE Workshops

Continuing Education Workshops

Our continuing education workshops are primarily geared for the massage therapist wanting to hone their skills and learn new techniques. Additionally, we offer workshops in a variety of techniques and interests designed for those with little or no prior massage training. We are a National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) Approved CE Provider, and all our continuing education workshops are crafted with the greatest care by SFSM educators and the school director. Our CE classes cover a wide range of subjects from Reiki attunements to Deep Tissue massage and all workshop courses are approved by the NCBTMB.

Pre-registration is required for all workshops

Pre-registration is required for all workshops. To reserve your space, payment in full or a nonrefundable $50 deposit* is required. The remaining balance of the workshop tuition must be paid in full two (2) days prior to the start of class. Please follow the appropriate link below to register online or feel free to call the school at 415-474-4600.

Cancellation Policy

If you have registered for a workshop and need to cancel, you must do so a week or more prior to the start of class to receive a full refund or credit minus the $50 nonrefundable deposit*. If you cancel less than one week prior to your scheduled workshop, you will receive credit only minus the $50 non-refundable deposit*. There will be no refund or credit for no shows or day-of-workshop cancellations.

*Workshop deposits are non-refundable under any circumstance.

Available Workshops

couples massage

Saturday, October 19, 2019
- 10am to 3pm
CE Hours Register Now

Massage For Couples

Instructor: Jeff Ford

Our extremely popular Couples Massage class instructs students in the basic principles and techniques of massage therapy for sharing with friends and family. By focusing on two to three different areas of the body, students receive multiple techniques to explore and expand upon at home. Nearly all hands-on practice, this fun class is a wonderful way to spend a morning with your partner or pal while learning to find knots and relax overworked muscles. Just bring yourselves and a snack and we’ll take care of the rest!

**Please bring a light lunch/snack**

No Prerequisite. Open to everyone! PLEASE NOTE: This class is NOT appropriate for pregnant women to participate in. Tuition: $180.00 per pair

lymph neck massage

Saturday & Sunday
October 19 & 20, 2019
- 9am to 6pm
16 CE Hours Register Now


Instructor: Jim Berns

This may be different from any other Cranial Class you have taken. In this class we will be using the Osteopathic Ortho-Bionomy principles to work on the Cranium.

We will be working with the:

  • Structure (Phase 4)- Skin, Muscles, Bones
  • Unwinding (Phase 5)
  • The dynamic of how relaxing the practitioner deeply relaxes the client
  • Reflexive patterns of the head to the rest of the body
  • Energetics of the Cranium (Phase 6)
  • Anatomy and Physiology, and Body/Mind Relationships

With the influence of the different nerves, blood, meridians, and brain stimulation going through the neck, head and face, the effects of this work can be quite powerful. It gives the saying “Get your head together” a whole other meaning.

The Ortho-Bionomy Cranial I Class can be applied to the Associate Training Program and the Registered Practitioner Program as an elective, and is a required class for the Registered Senior Practitioner Program.

The skills and sensitivity gained from this class can be used with any modality throughout the whole body.

» Part of the Ortho-Bionomy Associate Training Program – Learn More!

Prerequisite. ONE 16 hour Ortho-Bionomy Class or permission of instructor. Bring two sheets to class.
Tuition: $310.00 ($290.00 if registered 2 weeks in advance).

Friday, Saturday & Sunday,
November 8, 9 & 10, 2019
- 9am to 6pm
24 CE Hours Register Now


Instructor: Christy Swiatkowski

First time being offered on the West Coast!

In this innovative 3-day/24-hour course you will learn to expertly give a full body stretching session that can be done as a stand alone session or added to the end of a massage. You will learn a full body assisted stretching routine and be able to customize your sessions based on the skills you’ll acquire in this course. As an added bonus you will be listed as a certified SportStretch provider on the SportStretch website!

What is SportStretch?
SportStretch is a floor mat, movement based, full body routine that consists of both actively and passively stretching a client. It can be done as an individual treatment or integrated into the end of any massage. This work can be used as a warmup prior to activity, as it can invigorate an athlete and get them ready to move, or it can be applied as recovery work, to relax them after activity. You will learn that your intentions will determine the outcome of your work.

This course uniquely incorporates a combination of techniques such as Thai Massage, Compression, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), Ashiatsu, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR), Traction and various Myofascial and Myoskeletal techniques to create the SportStretch routine.

Why make the investment in this course? (A message from the founder and creator of SportStretch, Christy Swiatkowski, LMT)
I know this technique works because I use it on professional athletes in my practice, EVERYDAY. I am now getting feedback from several different professionals all over the country who have taken this course, and after they apply the SportStretch work, the results are always a variation of increased flexibility and a decrease in soft tissue injuries over time. This stretch routine has not only been a major benefit for the health and well being of my athletes but has also been a major source of income for me. It gives my hands and wrists a break from the constant pressure of deep tissue work, which helps me to keep going strong after 18+ years in the business of Sports Massage. Athletes actively look for body workers to stretch them and after completing this course, you will have added the skills to your practice to effectively be able to do so.

Prerequisite: Must be a licensed or certified Massage Therapist or a current student at SFSM. 
Tuition: $975.00

  • Payment plans available! Please contact the school to set up a no interest, no fee payment plan – 415-474-4600 or email gwitt@sfsm.edu

As with all of the workshops and continuing education classes taken at SFSM, this course is fully approved by the NCBTMB.

Follow this link to see SportStretch in action! – https://www.instagram.com/sportstretchusa/

Want to learn more? Click here to be taken to the SportStretch website.

deep tissue massage

Saturday & Sunday
December 7 & 8, 2019
- 9am to 6pm
16 CE Hours Register Now

ORTHO-BIONOMY© / Ethics and Emotional Issues

Instructor: Jim Berns

How does it work, that when you are clear within yourself and with your clients about your own integrity, emotional responses, and boundaries, that this allows your work to go even deeper?

In the Ortho-Bionomy / Ethics and Emotional Issues class we will journey into the experiential discovery of how being clear within our body and our emotions can allow us to be better practitioners.

Within this 2 day Class You Will Learn To:

  1. Establish and maintain your own boundaries and grounding with appropriate flexibility.
  2. Practice where in our body we feel our center and core, how we can get thrown off center, and how to return to center in a more strong and solid place with integrity and respect.
  3. Know your skills, limitations, and blind spots.
  4. Embody the work in and out of session.
  5. Develop a response within yourself that maintains your core philosophy.

The skills and sensitivity gained from this class can be used throughout your practice with any modality that you use.

The Ethics & Emotional Issues class is a required class for the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International Associate, Registered Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Programs.

» Part of the Ortho-Bionomy Associate Training Program – Learn More!

No Prerequisite. Bring two sheets to class.
Tuition: $310.00 ($290.00 if registered 2 weeks in advance).

Saturday & Sunday,
January 18 & 19, 2020
- 9am to 5pm (5:45pm on Sat)
14 CE Hours Register Now

Cadaver Lab w/ Advanced Functional Anatomy

Instructor: Bob Gazso

With Dr. Pamela McBride and Bob Gazso, M.S., CMT, along with Paul Chmigelski, CMT

This highly anticipated Cadaver Lab with Advanced Functional Anatomy class will consist of half cadaver lab led by a physician/surgeon and half functional anatomy taught by two of the top clinical massage therapists in the Bay Area. This advanced anatomy course will be focused on Thomas Myer’s Anatomy Trains, which are systems of muscles that function together.

Our team of instructors includes Pamela McBride, MD who will instruct the cadaver dissection. SFSM Instructor Bob Gazso M.S., CMT and massage therapist Paul Chmigelski, CMT, who both specialize in working as clinical bodyworkers, will discuss the practical application of the anatomy presented based upon their combined 40 years of experience.

We will be using lecture, PowerPoint, use of clay on 2.5 foot skeletons plus working with cadavers in the lab of a chiropractic college!

PLEASE NOTE: Workshop will be conducted at Life Chiropractic College West,  25001 Industrial Blvd, Hayward, CA.

Prerequisite: Completion of Mods 1 and 2 of SFSM’s Massage Therapist Program or 300 hrs of equivalent massage coursework. Tuition: $460.00

Saturday & Sunday
January 25 & 26, 2020
- 9am to 6pm
16 CE Hours Register Now

ORTHO-BIONOMY© / Spine and Pelvis

Instructor: Jim Berns

Ortho-Bionomy uses gentle body positions and movements to stimulate the body’s own self-correcting reflexes within the muscle spindles and neurotendinous organs. This allows the body to bring itself back into alignment and balance and out of pain within 40 seconds. It is a very specific structure oriented practice that is painless for the client and easy for the practitioner to learn and to utilize.

In this two-day workshop you will learn specific positional releases for the whole spine, positions to relieve neck issues, how to balance the ilium and sacrum, how to find releases, five specific lumbar referred reflex points and how to integrate this technique with other modalities.

**Part of the Ortho-Bionomy Associate Training Program**

No Prerequisite. Bring two sheets to class.
Tuition: $310.00 ($290.00 if registered 2 weeks in advance).

sports deep tissue massage

Saturday & Sunday
March 14 & 15, 2020
- 9am to 6pm
16 CE Hours Register Now


Instructor: Jim Berns

Ortho-Bionomy uses Osteopathic-based gentle body positions and movements to stimulate the self-correcting reflexes within the muscles and nerves. These responses can move the client out of pain and discomfort within 10-30 seconds. This method is very specific and structure-oriented.

‘Structure Governs Function’ is an Osteopathic principle that works with the understanding that when the muscular-skeletal system is balanced properly the functioning (blood, nerve, emotions, meridian) of the body will flow more efficiently. In this class, you will learn Upper Extremities Techniques and releases for: Shoulders Scapula Elbows Wrist Clavicle All the bones of the hand We will also look at patterns of tension that begin in the hands and forearms and travel up into the shoulders and neck. We will examine the reflexive tension pattern of overusing your thumbs in your practice that affect your own neck, shoulders and back.

» Part of the Ortho-Bionomy Associate Training Program – Learn More!

No Prerequisite. Bring two sheets.
Tuition: $310.00 ($290.00 if registered 2 weeks in advance).

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