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October 23, 2018

Reiki: A Gateway to Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation, and healing that has roots in ancient Eastern philosophy. It is built upon the idea that an unseen, innate life force energy flows through and animates each of us. If this life force energy becomes depleted, we are more susceptible to stress and illness. However, when this energy is abundant, we are more capable of maintaining our health and cultivating happiness.

A Reiki treatment addresses the whole person; mind, body, emotions and spirit, and can create a sense of wellness, peace, and deep relaxation. It utilizes a variety of hand positions to stimulate and renew the flow of life force energy. It is gentle, nurturing, and completely safe and a treatment can leave you feeling radiant and renewed.

For those interested in hands-on healing techniques, Reiki is a great entry point. It is easy to learn, gentle and safe for recipients and the practitioners, it requires no special equipment, and can be practiced literally anywhere, even at a distance. Generally speaking, Reiki doesn’t typically require special licensing to practice, so you can begin working with people as soon as you have completed your training.

Reiki training is often divided into three degrees which contain instruction and a sort of energetic initiation known as an attunement. Each degree introduces news depths of the techniques to practitioners with the first conveying the basics and the second instructing practitioners in the use of Reiki symbology. The third and final degree typically takes the form of an apprenticeship and instructs practitioners how to attune and teach new Reiki initiates. In the 90+ year modern history of Reiki after its rediscovery, it has been taught to thousands of people, regardless of their age, ability, or background.

While Reiki is metaphysical in nature, it is not a religion and does not endorse a particular dogma or spiritual path. There is nothing you need to believe to practice Reiki. You need not even believe in Reiki to have it work. The life force is intelligent and inherently knows what to do. The best practitioners simply get out of the way and let the energy do what it needs to do.

This may all sound like a bit of hocus pocus but, studies continue to reveal the benefits of Reiki in areas such as improving patient outcomes and increasing quality of life. In fact, many hospitals have begun to add Reiki to their list of complementary and alternative medicine options along side massage, acupuncture, and meditation. This expanding application of Reiki is due to its non-invasive methods, safety, and broad application for recipients of all ages and health levels: It is excellent for children, the infirm, and elderly patients alike.

Because of its versatility in application and ease of learning, Reiki is a great way to get involved in the healing arts. For the same reasons, it also makes a wonderful skill for existing hands-on practitioners to add to their repertoire. If you’d like to learn more about Reiki, check out one of our Reiki workshops or read more here.

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5 years ago

this is great information! reiki feels amazing especially incorporated into a deep tissue massage. Thanks for sharing!

tyler johnson
5 years ago

I thought it was interesting that you said that you don’t even have to believe in Reiki for it to work. I also thought it was interesting that you said that hospitals have begun to use it in some cases. I have been looking for some stress relief, and this sounds like it might be a good option to try out sometime.

David Johnson
David Johnson
4 years ago

That’s so cool that everything, emotions, spirit, mind, and body, is addressed through Reiki. My brother is looking for ways to help others since he graduated from college. We’ll have to look into Reiki training certifications.

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