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August 2, 2017

Paying for Your Massage Therapy Education

Going to massage therapy school can lead to an amazing career that can be exciting and fulfilling. Going to school offers many perks as well, such as meeting new people, gaining mentors in your profession, and learning skills in an industry that you love. Education has many benefits, but it also has its costs. Paying for education can be a hard roadblock to overcome for many people. At the San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork (SFSM), we strive to make paying for your education in massage simple and painless. Here are some of the ways that make getting an education in massage financially possible.

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Choosing an Affordable School

Going to a school that is affordable is one of the first steps to take in getting an education in massage without breaking the bank. While cost is an important characteristic that you want to look for in a school, you want to make sure that this does not mean sacrificing the quality of your education. You want to be sure that you are learning the techniques, modalities, and business practices that will help you be a successful massage therapist upon graduation. At SFSM, we pride ourselves in having our program designed to help students succeed at a cost that is reasonable and competitive.

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Financing Options

People who choose to pursue an education in massage often times rely on financial assistance of one kind or another to help ease the financial burden. There are a variety of options that can be used to do this, one of which is loans. While loans can help you pay for your education over time, it is a more expensive way of doing it. At SFSM we offer a few options for students to help them pay for their education over time while still keeping the cost of their education down. Here are some of those options and features:

  1. Pay In Full:
    • Pay full cost of education up front
    • No hassle, stress, or worry
    • Be paid in full when you graduate

    With this payment plan, you simply pay for your education upfront. This makes things smooth, simple, and worry-free.

  2. Tuition Extend:
    • Requires only a 10% down payment
    • $75 dollar setup fee
    • 4.9% fixed simple interest on payments
    • Very affordable monthly payments
    • 36 month payment plan

    This plan works well for people who want smaller monthly payments. It is also the most expensive way of paying for your education at SFSM, but if small payments are what you need this plan is for you.

  3. SFSM In-house Payment Plan #1:
    • 15-25% down payment required
    • Control over monthly payments depending on the size of your down payment
    • No interest or fees
    • Moderate monthly payments

    This plan is a great way to pay for your massage education and you can set up a monthly payment that works well for you with the amount you put into your down payment.

  4. SFSM In-house Payment Plan #2:
    • Pay-as-you-go
    • No down payment
    • No interest or fees
    • Be paid in full by the time you graduate
    • Payments divided equally over the span of the program you are enrolled in

    This program has higher monthly payments for the student but offers a great way to pay for your education over time instead of all at once. This payment plan will allow you to have your education paid for in full by the time you graduate so you can jump into your career with no worries.

    Our goal is to offer an amazing education while giving students options in paying for their education. By choosing from these plans, students are able to learn the skills necessary to work in the massage therapy industry and pay for it in a way that works well with their lifestyle. Another huge benefit of these payment plans is that most of them do not increase the cost of your education like other financial aid methods, such as loans, will.

    massage therapist working

    Building a Better Future

    The goal of seeking further education is to build a brighter future for yourself. Massage therapy is a great pathway to doing this. The cost of education is an investment in making your professional future more satisfactory and gratifying. Invest in yourself and get started today!

    If you have more questions about the financial assistance available, contact us. We can answer any questions you may still have. You can also check out our massage program to learn how to begin your journey to a career in massage.

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