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Morales Method® Pain Specialist Program

The San Francisco School of Massage is pleased to offer – in conjunction with the Morales Method®

of Manual Therapy and Body Conditioning – The Morales Method® Pain Specialist Program. All bodywork CE workshops taken at SFSM will be taught by Sharon Oshita, ATC and Morales Method® Certified Instructor and Marty Morales, Certified Advanced Rolfer™.


The Morales Method® Pain Specialist Program is meant to take your skills to the level of “Bodyworker”, where you are seeking to resolve pain and injury issues with your clients while working efficiently and safely.

With this method you will learn techniques derived from Osteopathy, Muscle Energy Techniques, Cranial Sacral therapy, Myo-fascial bodywork, and Positional Release. The most effective techniques from these premier modalities are integrated together into a way of working that creates a bodyworker who is able to adapt to different client situations. Techniques range from subtle to deep tissue and enable the practitioner to make their work more of a ‘thinking game’ rather than performing rote strokes.

Becoming a Morales Method® Pain Specialist gives you the specialization that lets you stand out from the crowd from a highly effective modality that is growing worldwide attention.

BENEFITS OF The Morales Method® Pain Specialist Program

  • Ability to apply for use of the trademark Morales Method® and be able to use the title, Morales Method® Pain Specialist on all business materials
  • Receive top level instruction from instructors who have tested their work in the “lab” of their own practice
  • Acquire a specialization that will distinguish you among other practitioners
  • Learn advanced tools and techniques not taught in any basic training
  • Gain valuable insight into using the Morales Method® by receiving free access to our online teaching platform


  1. Mastering Body Mechanics (8 hours)
  2. Advanced Neck Work 1 and 2 (24 hours)
  3. Relieving Low Back Pain 1 and 2 (24 hours)
  4. Medical Massage (aka Myofascial Bodywork for Injuries) (32 hours)
  5. Successfully pass the Certification exam
  6. Complete the annual license agreement granting rights of the trademark, Morales Method™


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Description of Classes

Body Mechanics (8 hours) – Sometimes just knowing the right techniques is not enough. This class shows the practitioner how to use their body in the most efficient, effective, and the safest way possible while doing great work. Based on the book, “Mastering Body Mechanics” written by Marty Morales.

Advanced Neck Work I, II (24 hours) – These classes take the practitioner into the realm of myo-fascial work and spinal mechanics and shows them how to give their clients pain relief and greater range of motion.

Relieving Low Back Pain I, II (24 hours) – These classes includes highly efficient joint range of motion, muscular, and nerve work techniques to get clients out of pain fast. Spinal Mechanics of the cervical spine is the main focal point of this class.

Medical Massage (AKA Myofascial Bodywork – Common Injuries): Carpal Tunnel, Knee and Ankle issues, Frozen Shoulder, TMJ disorders/Headaches
(32 hours) – Learn the tried and true techniques used by advanced professionals that have helped get clients out of pain. You will also learn valueable assessment and pathology knowledge.

Marty Morales is a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ and was taught Structural Integration by world class instructors and early students of Ida P. Rolf. Marty has also been long mentored by Art Riggs, world famous instructor and a pioneer in Deep Tissue massage.
Marty is the author of the book “Mastering Body Mechanics” and is an international instructor, spreading the Morales Method® to Japan, Poland, Switzerland, and Taiwan. Over the last twelve years, he has taught throughout California and the U.S. and has lectured at the San Francisco Academy of Sciences. His classes have taught thousands of students and his techniques have been adopted by spas throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
To learn more about the Morales Method®, please visit www.moralesmethod.com

All classes will take place at the San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork, 475 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.

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