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December 18, 2023

Marketing Massage During the Holidays

The holiday season draws out millions of shoppers, all seeking to get the perfect gift for the people on their lists. For industries like massage, this can present a bit of a conundrum. Competing with the retail space’s pervasive grip on consumer attention, holiday spending, and brand awareness might seem simply impossible, but there’s actually a ton you can do to take advantage of the season.

If you haven’t tried to capture some of the holiday season buying frenzy yet, it’s not too late. Here are a few things you might try out.

Get Festive

Little details can bring the festive mood into your practice. Brighten up your space with some string lights, decorate with sprigs of winter berry and balsam, or burn a pine-scented candle. Subtle changes can remind your customers of the holiday festivities and keep them in the spirit of the season.

santa getting a table massage

Gift Certificates

If you don’t offer gift certificates, you should; every massage gift certificate given is a new potential client. They make great stocking stuffers and fit nicely into a card. Don’t be afraid to let clients know you offer gift certificates. You can make a cute little holiday display in your office to promote them, or simply let clients know you have them available after their massage.

Don’t forget, everybody loves a deal, especially with all of the holiday sales happening. Offer gift certificates for a single massage at a slightly discounted rate to help encourage your current clients to buy them for friends and family.

Bonus: DON’T forget to push them on your social media accounts! (More on that below).

woman looking at a gift card on her tablet

Be Creative!

Upgrade your massage menu by offering a pomegranate oil aromatherapy massage. Create a special mini massage session featuring a peppermint foot massage that would be perfect for weary holiday shoppers. Trying out something new can be just as fun for you as it is for your clients!

Not to mention, seasonal specials can make people feel like there are always new options to explore if they come back and want a bit of a change up!

Give Gratitude

The old adage, “Your best new customer is your current customer” is true. Research shows that marketing to existing customers can be six or seven times more cost effective than marketing to new customers. Why not send an email to all of your existing clients telling them how awesome they are and saying thanks for a great year?

While you’re at it, make sure to extend a special holiday massage deal just for them; buy three massages get one free, take 20% off your first massage of the new year, or something similar that really lets them know you appreciate their business.

Engage Your Customers

Social media can be a great way to connect with your existing client base and let them know you’ve got something special going on. Tweet about how massage relieves holiday stress. Blog about the benefits of giving massage gift certificates. Share some pictures on Instagram of the holiday decorations in your practice. Post on Facebook about your special peppermint foot massage. Get the word out far and wide and try to cross-pollinate between various platforms where possible. Whether you do one of these or all of them, get going! The holiday season is almost over and you don’t want to miss out on these opportunities to connect with clients new and old.

Get in Touch!

Maybe you’re a seasoned massage therapist that would love to learn more about the business or expand your skill set. Maybe you’re a budding therapist-to-be. You might even just be an eager holiday shopper looking to take advantage of our great clinic. Get in touch with us here at San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork, and happy holidays!


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