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August 4, 2023

It’s Never Too Late To Become a Massage Therapist

You have worked hard. You have spent years coding, or building new technology, or sitting in boardrooms and creating the next “big-thing”. Whatever career path you have found yourself on you might now be wondering if you want to keep going down this road for the next twenty, thirty, or forty more years.

change to massage careerDo not fret, you are not alone.

According to a survey from Life Reimagined, over 25% of individuals aged 30 and over are contemplating a career change. Much of this change is fueled by a desire to give back, to have less stress, and more flexibility in their life and work.

Don’t fall into the over 30 age range? That’s okay, you’re in good company with over 40% percent of individuals aged 25-30 changing careers and life focuses, often because they feel undervalued, overworked, and generally unhappy.

What is unique about these career changers is that they are often moving into service and health related fields, ready and eager to help, give back, and bolster their communities. That doesn’t even begin to mention that the growth rate in these types of fields outstrips many other industries.

If you have been considering making a change in your career path and leaving behind the stress of the rat race for an atmosphere of health and caring, then here are just a few reasons why transitioning to massage therapy might be the perfect fit for you.

change to massage career

  • Flexible Schedule

    If you have been working the 8-11 like so many others in the San Francisco area you might be wanting a break. Do you want to visit the ocean or just not feel boxed in and unable to take vacations? Don’t let your constrictive schedule keep you from it. There are many career path options within massage; you could be building your own business, working your own hours on the side, or even working part time at a spa. Because of the ability to customize your work, you could hold the power to create your schedule and live the life you want.

  • Calming Atmosphere

    One of the things that spas are known for is the relaxing atmosphere. It’s where people go to relax and wind down, after all. And if you feel relaxed after being a patron, imagine the calm you can feel by being in these wonderful environments day in and out.

  • Change Careers Quickly

    If you are wanting a quick transition to a new career, then moving into the world of massage is a great option. With flexible class schedules and start times you can finish in as little as six months and be moving into this new, exciting stage in your life.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are considering a career change, if you are one of them contact us for a tour and consider a field that will feed your soul.


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avdhu singh
6 years ago

here is described TO BECOME A MASSAGE THERAPIST. Massage therapy helps you relax by releasing serotonin, but massage also gives you a better quality of sleep over time. If you can’t rest comfortably and ease into sleep, consider seeing a massage therapist..!!!

massage chair
6 years ago

It is a kind of self-massage in which it does not
require to visit a massage therapist.

San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork

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San Francisco, CA 94103
Student Clinic
– Located at the 16th Street Campus
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